Customize your honkin' horn with Horntones

Adding a really loud, powerful horn to a very small car has been causing fits of laughter for a while now... but if that is too passe' for you, why not consider the Hornstones FX-550? First seen at CES, this device allows you to play almost any audio file that can be transferred via USB as your honk. The FX-550 can store eight songs or audio files at a time. We can think of a few good songs for specific cars, like "Little GTO" in your classic Pontiac, "409", "Little Deuce Coupe"... the list goes on and on. Or, how about "Rollin" (language) by Limp Bizkit, or Tupac's "Picture Me Rollin" (language)? It boggles the mind. And then there are the "road rage" set who will just record their own voice screaming obscenities -- maybe this isn't such a good idea.

[Source: Uber Review]

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