Keep talking. They are listening.

Just like most of you, we've wished many times we could give advice to Bill Ford or Rick Wagonner on how to run two of the world's largest car companies. Well, it's just possible you already have. They're listening to what you say. They read your snarky one liners and study your discussions of Ford vs. Chevy for priceless nuggets of useful information. Thanks to an article by Advertising Age, we know Ford, GM, Chrysler and Toyota are all keeping tabs on their Internet reputations and can probably assume other automotive companies are doing the same.

Read on to know how the big boys are paying attention to what you say.

[Source: Advertising Age]

Ad Age says Ford has realized the value in blogs and enthusiast discussion groups and has hired BrandIntel to study Internet traffic for Ford chatter. In the article, Steve Crosby, Ford's manager of global media services and internet communications, says the company will be watching for customer service comments, product discussions and advertising feedback. They will then take appropriate action to address frequently talked about issues or join in online discussions to dispel rumor or correct inaccuracies.

Apparently Ford is even a little late to the game. The Chrysler Group just re-enlisted BrandIntel's services. Randall McAdory, manager of business intelligence at Chrysler says in the article, "We also think [automotive enthusiasts] are influential offline in everyday life" and Chrysler wants these people "to think about us." Chrysler also says if enough of us car nuts demand something in our discussions, it very well might come to pass sometime down the road.

So now that you're feeling all empowered, what one piece of advice would you share with a car company executive knowing that somebody might just pass it on up the ladder?

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