PSA: Gone in 4 Seconds - Protecting your valuables and ID

Even if it's obvious, it never hurts to remind people to be more careful on the road or around their vehicles, so we figured we'd share this video clip with all of you. Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne offers a frightening look at how quickly and easily a thief can make off with your valuables and/or your identity by showing actual surveillance cam footage from a Broward County incident.

We're told the usual stuff about keeping doors locked, being aware of our surroundings, etc. -- common sense tips, to be sure, but it's in familiar or routine situations, like filling up at our local gas station, where one often lets his or her guard down. An interesting point is made about larger vehicles being targeted because of the lack of visibility on the other side. Sounds to us like just one more reason for everybody to drive sports cars.

Follow the jump to watch the video.

Thanks for the tip, Brad!

[Source: Broward County Sheriff's Office]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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