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This FL man accused of stealing drivers licenses has best tattoo ever

Bentley and Porsche are two of the jewels in Volkswagen Group's luxury brand crown, but in Florida they also have a very tenuous connection with crime. With his multiple face and neck tattoos, including a Bentley logo right between his eyes, Derek Denesevich (pictured above) has been charged with the surprising crime of alleged identity theft. He recently surrendered to a Florida court, and could face

Honda Canada owner database hacked, 283,000 customers at risk

Reuters is reporting that personal information from more than 283,000 Honda Canada customers has been stolen by cyber criminals. The data includes names, addresses, vehicle identification numbers and, most importantly, some financing account information.

Alert: Cash for Clunkers-like scam sites up and running

The success of the federal government's C.A.R.S. (Cash for Clunkers) program led to the creation of the 2009 Automotive Stimulus Program, a private plan run by some of the U.S.'s larger auto dealers. The creation of a second program, one that has different rules and isn't C.A.R.S., and the nature of the Internet has led to some scam sites that pu

PSA: Gone in 4 Seconds - Protecting your valuables and ID

Even if it's obvious, it never hurts to remind people to be more careful on the road or around their vehicles, so we figured we'd share this video clip with all of you. Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne offers a frightening look at how quickly and easily a thief can make off with your valuables and/or your identity by showing actual surveillance cam footage from a Broward County incident.