'Freedom Fuels' documentary now playing online

A crisp and informative documentary on alternative fuels is playing on Mofilms.org. Called "Freedom Fuels," the movie is a fast-paced collection of interviews and TV news reports that covers the technology and politics of different fuels. Celebrities Daryl Hannah and Willie Nelson are featured, as are clips from the "Daily Show" and "Colbert Report."

Biodiesel, vegetable oil and ethanol are covered in depth with a nice balance between sterile commentary and humor. The producers also exercised some caution in mentioning the environmental impact the eco-warriors could have. As Daryl Hannah said in the movie, "There are lots of unsustainable ways to produce biofuels." The clearing of the rain forest for biofuel plants was emphasized, including mention of the threat to orangutans from palm oil farming.

The movie sheds a mostly positive light on biofuels without any stinging rebuttals from qualified critics. Still, very much worth watching.

[Source: mofilms.org]

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