VW hearts biodiesel, hydrogen and clean TDI in SoCal

We know VW doesn't favor hybrids, but the company sure does like clean diesel, biodiesel and hydrogen. For example, I offer you the alternative energy technologies VW is showing off at the Designing Sustainable Mobility Summit in Southern California. For the ride-and-drive, VW has a Touareg V-10 TDI running on B5 biodiesel, a still-in-development, highly efficient, twin charger gasoline engine Jetta, and the Touran HyMotion hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (remember, the Touareg was just crowned the car that is meanest to the environment by ACEEE).

What's the engine in that Jetta? A TSI that gets high power output from a smaller displacement engine. It uses a supercharger to provide engine boost at lower rpms and an exhaust-driven turbocharger at mid-range rpms and higher. Already popular in Europe, the TSI is being considered for the U.S. market.

The Touran HyMotion hydrogen fuel cell vehicle uses a high-temperature fuel cell that VW says, "provides a more compact, lighter, and more durable fuel cell system."

[Source: Volkswagen of America, Inc.]

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