Listener-supported AutoblogGreen podcast - music anyone?

AutoblogGreen has been expanding in recent months (d'ja notice the new photo galleries?) and we're going to continue this trend with the launch of our own podcast sometime in the next few weeks. We're still hashing out the details and lining up guests, and while we do that, we'd like your input. Today, we're got three requests:
First, tell us what you'd like the podcast to be like. We've got our own ideas, but many are smarter than the few, so feel free to go nuts in the comments section with your brilliant ideas.

Second, if you're a musician (or know any) and would like your music featured in the podcast, we want to hear what you've got. I know there is a lot of free music available on the web for things like this, but we've got a good community here and we'd love to use the talents of our readers listeners audience as we continue to grow. We're not looking for any particular type of music, just something that works well as an intro or an outro. Tell us what you've got by leaving a comment on this post or by using the contact us link.

Third, if you're involved in the green car industry and would like to be interviewed for one of our podcasts, please contact us using the same methods outlined above. We've got the first few interviews in the works, but we want to bring the best of the green vehicle community to our readers listeners audience. So sign up now.


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