Experts say biodiesel needs to clean up its act

We've seen the videos and stories about homemade biodiesel. Yes, it's easy to brew and even relatively inexpensive to set up a large production plant. The problem, experts say, is that the quality of this country's biodiesel fuel is inconsistent and possibly harmful to vehicles.

Speaking at the National Biodiesel Conference in San Antonio, the panel of experts noted the progress ethanol has made in winning over consumers. There were concerns in the early days of "gasahol" production that prompted many consumers to reject alternative fuels. One survey says 19 percent of vehicle owners refuse to use ethanol because of gasahol flashbacks. But through education and more vehicles suited for E85, ethanol is winning over consumers. More biodiesel outlets and advanced technology in diesel engines will also help.

[Source: Vicki Vaughan / San Antonio Express News]

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