Biodiesel standard tests begin in Canada

With the Canadian government set to introduce their renewable fuels strategy, biodiesel blend testing is set to begin in early 2007 with the Alberta Biodiesel Demonstration Project. Multiple interested parties who support the initiative, including members of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association and the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute, are involved in the investigation into key quality aspects of biodiesel use in Canada including the adoption of biodiesel, extreme cold weather operations and the introduction of ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD).

Long-haul fleet use with 2007 engines will follow lab testing of Canadian General Standards Board 3.520 specification biodiesel blends. Alberta was chosen in part for the project, which will run through to 2008, due to its extreme cold. Concerns over biodiesel's use in Canadian conditions has prompted the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) to call for comprehensive testing before mandates are introduced. The CTA has welcomed the study and says it looks forward to the results.

[Source: Todays Trucking]

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