Dr. Luc Duchesne has developed a self-contained, home-based biodiesel production unit. This consumer-friendly invention looks like a moonshiner's still but mixes and refines biodiesel without constant supervision. The idea is to let the Frankentank mix the animal fat or vegetable oil with the alcohol and catalyst until the biodiesel is brewed. About 58 gallons of feedstock will produce 52 gallons of biodiesel. A batch of biodiesel takes between 8 and 18 hours to produce. The Frankentank prototype is being submitted for certification by the Canadian Standards Association. If approved it could be on the market early next year. Duchesne apparently is adamant that his machine meets all fire and electrical code standards for home storage. He also expects the fuel to meet ASTM standards. Duchesne says a small trucking company could save $50,000 and $70,000 a year using just one machine.

[Source: Ian Ross / Northern Ontario Business]

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