Autoblog reader finds the VW R32 microsite

Volkswagen hasn't published the link to the new R32's microsite on its homepage yet, but industrious AB reader Curt thought to punch "R32" into's site search and presto: here it is.

The site features a preorder form (essentially a lead generator for your local dealer), features & specs and a tell-a-friend feature. This week's been pretty active in terms of web sleuthing, with Ford fans digging up the Oval's official details on its trio of renamed cars, Scion fans unraveling Car & Driver's URL naming scheme to get the jump on the new xB and xD details, and now a VW fan finding the as-yet-unpromoted R32 site by simply using VW's existing search engine.

The moral of the story: if your page is published and it's not behind a layer of real security, people are gonna find it. Speaking of finding things, you can find Autoblog's on-the-scene coverage of the US-spec R32's unveiling here.

Thanks for the heads-up, Curt!

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