Chicago Auto Show: Scion xB and xD info leaked early

In a move that can only be deemed as stupid, lazy or incredibly devious, Car & Driver published images and information on Scion's redesigned xB and all-new xD more than a day and a half before the car's are scheduled to be debuted here in Chicago. The info went live last night but wasn't discovered until an industrious member of the ScionLife forum messed with the URL and found it.

First up is the new xB, which has grown in size thanks to leaving the platform it shared with the now defunct xA. Gone is the toaster-esque styling as well, replaced with a design that's still a box, though one with fender flares, a little more character in the front end and a thick C/D-pillar. It's also reported that the interior has been upgraded along with losing the not-loved center-mounted gauge pod. The xB will also share its powerplant with the tC now, which means a 2.4L four-cylinder generating 158 hp and 162 ft-lbs. of torque will be on tap to send power through a five-speed manual or four-seed automatic.

The xD is the new kid in the Scion camp, replacing the less well-received xA. It rides on the same platform as the Yaris, but is powered by the 128-hp, 1.8L four-cylinder found in the Corolla and Matrix. The xD will feature the same transmission choices as the new xB and send power to the front wheels only. The xD's styling shares the same thick C/D-pillar seen on the new xB, which appears to be a new Scion trademark styling cue. We'll leave judgment of the car's overall design to you, but will just say that it looks like a cross between a Camry and a JDM-market Mazda Verisa.

[Source: ScionLife]

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