Preview: Alfa Romeo CXover

America has become the Land of the Crossover, and if Alfa Romeo wants to succeed here when it returns to the US market in 2009, it will need a CUV with which to combat the competition. Fortunately, last November Alfa revealed that it will be launching just such a vehicle to coincide with the Italian marque's sailing the ocean blue.

Called the CXover, Alfa's crossover will feature styling closely modeled after the Kamal concept unveiled at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show. Combining coupe-like styling with SUV proportions, surfacing reports suggest that the CXover will be offered in a three-door configuration in addition to conventional five-door bodystyles. This illustration (click through to Motor Authority to see the whole thing) gives a pretty good preview of what the former could look like.

Based on the platform from the 159 and upcoming 169 sedans, the CXover will offer – in foreign markets, at least – a range of engines including a 2.2-liter inline-four, a five-cylinder turbodiesel and, to top off the range, the 3.2L 24v V6 co-developed with GM, only tuned in-house for 250 horsepower and a distinctively Alfa Romeo exhaust note. All-wheel-drive is expected to come as an option over standard front-drive. Alfa confirmed the vehicle will measure 4.6 meters in length, with versions selling for €28,000-45,000. Styling promises to be as awe-inducing as Alfa's dramatic 159 and Brera, and if the driving dynamics are better, the venerated Italian marque just might have a winner on its hands for its grand re-emergence in the American market.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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