Wind and solar powered streetlights... I hope there're no solar red-light-photo cameras!

A company in Canada, Hybridine Power Systems, has created a new solar- and wind-powered streetlight. I actually think that this idea has some merit. I can't see the need for lights like this in urban settings where the grid stretches everywhere and everything is already wired, but for rural settings and side streets this could be a good idea. When I saw this, I started thinking about the possibilities of solar and wind powered stoplights. Then, my mind wandered to those horrible red-light photo cameras and sensors. I really hate those. Not for catching me speeding, to be honest. If I'm speeding, then I deserve a ticket if I get caught. But...
Here is a true story that proves they are not infallible. I traded a car in to a dealership here in Toledo, where I live. I paid a fee for them to "dispose of my license plates" because they were not transferable. A few months later, I got a red-light-photo ticket in the mail... with my OLD LICENSE PLATES! A salesperson stole the plates and used them on his car. The worst part of it all was that the car in the photo was a red two-door and the ticket was for a purple four-door sedan. They claim that a human studies each ticket before it gets sent out. Riiiight. Anyway, I don't trust the camera's and I often need to slam on my brakes to stop, just to be sure that I don't get a ticket. Sorry for the tangent. Thanks for listening and have a nice evening.

[Source: Treehugger]

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