Tuner Tuesdays: Hamann's wicked 673-hp Ferrari 599

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Haman the Wicked was an ancient Assyrian viceroy who thought himself better than the King. He had an unquenchable thirst for power and fathered equally wicked sons. History, it seems, has come full circle, and there's a lot in a name. Today it belongs to the German tuning house Hamann that, in its unquenchable thirst for power, aims to better Ferraris – kings of all sportscardom – and as a result produces some seriously wicked offspring of its own.

The latest is a complete tuning package for the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, already hailed as one of the best GTs of all time. Hamann has tweaked an extra 53 horsepower out of the Fiorano's Enzo-derived engine, bringing peak power up to 673 hp, by fitting its own custom header. And in case the wail of the Fiorano's V12 just wasn't cutting it, Hamann also fitted its own exhaust.

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The aerodynamic package was already unveiled back in December. It includes a custom front lip spoiler, side sills (for "a significantly more muscular appearance"), plus an extra spoiler on the roof and an additional rear wing. Styling aside, the 599 spent a significant amount of time in the wind tunnels at Ferrari and Pininfarina, shaping the body and underbody for optimal aerodynamic efficiency and balance, but Hamann strapped on their own three-piece diffuser, in addition to the extra spoilers, just in case the pros got it all wrong. All the bolt-on pieces are available in either fiberglass or carbon-kevlar.

The pentagram wheels Ferrari fitted as stock to the 599 didn't win a lot of fans, so Hamann's rolling stock package is a welcome addition. The forged three-piece 21" rims feature black spokes, a mirror-finish rim flange and titanium bolts on ultra-low-profile rubber.

Hamann will also gladly customize the interior to a client's specifications, ripping out the beautiful Italian leather and fitting their own. They'll even install a PlayStation...so you can play GranTurismo in your Ferrari.

Hamann says their "improved" 599 would be suitable for Batman, but even he'd find it over the top. So would a certain ancient genocidal tyrant who shall remain nameless.

[Source: Hamann]


Ferrari and HAMANN - a combination to set the pulse racing of all fans of Italian sports cars. The vehicle tuning specialist from Laupheim, Germany, has various new details and a power boost up its sleeve for the latest model from the Maranello stable. The power is produced by fitting an HAMANN high-performance sports header (export only), including racing catalytic converters, to generate an extra 39 kW/53 bhp. This takes the peak power output of this 6 l V12 engine, already familiar to us from the Ferrari Enzo, up to a majestic 673 bhp. You will rarely encounter more power than this on the open road. As a result, HAMANN has reduced the power-to-weight ratio from 2.5 to 2.3 kg per bhp.

To ensure that everyone knows that the King of the Road is about to arrive, HAMANN fits a sports rear muffler (export only) with 90 mm tailpipes both right and left. Needless to say, the rear silencer is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and generates an even more awe-inspiring sound than its series production counterpart.

In the series production version, the twelve-cylinder Berlinetta already sports a captivatingly and delicately swung body. HAMANN adds a few new touches of its own to this body designed by star designer Pininfarina. For instance, HAMANN styles the "face" of this front mid-engined sports car with a spoiler, which generates greater downforce on the front axle. To match this perfectly fitting component, which blends harmoniously into the vehicle styling, HAMANN also offers side sill panels, lending the 599 GTB a significantly more muscular appearance. The roof is adorned with a further spoiler, which in turn guides the air to an extravagantly designed rear wing. The latter generates downforce on the rear axle and stabilizes the Ferrari at high speeds.

Since the 599 GTB is conceptually a race car for the road, HAMANN decided to equip the rear end of this Italian muscle car with a three-piece diffuser that matches the rest of the technology. In conjunction with the rear wing, and true to the principle of "a beautiful rear can also endear", the HAMANN aerodynamics tuning suite shows its best side. In fact, the 599 GTB tuned and styled the HAMANN way is truly a sight to behold from all sides.

HAMANN lands a perfect hit with the aerodynamics, which do nothing to disrupt the original design, but lend added impact to a number of details in striking style. Batman would certainly choose the HAMANN Ferrari 599 GTB as the car he drives to work in. All aerodynamic components are available in fiber glass or Carbon-Kevlar.

HAMANN has opted for its own creation for the rims, called "Edition Race". This three-piece, ultra-light, forged rim in a cross-spoke design and a black spider is notable for its nine main branching spokes each of which splits into two further spokes. In addition to the exciting design, the titanium wheel bolts are a particularly eye-catching feature. The stylish appearance is topped off by the mirror-finished rim flange. Needless to say, HAMANN also offers the wheels as complete sets.

Typical wheel/tire combination: front 9.0 J x 21 / rear 12.0 J x 21 - 245/30 ZR 21 / 345/25 ZR21

On the inside, an exclusive set of floor mats in black lend the cockpit of this Ferrari a cozier touch. And of course HAMANN will gladly customize any 599 GTB to suit a customer's own individual needs. Extravagant leather upholsteries in various colors are available, as are extensive multimedia conversions featuring a DVD player, TV reception and a PlayStation.

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