Hamann does up the Ferrari 599 GTB

Hamann, the tuner of all manner of exotica, has gotten their grubby little paws on Ferrari's finest grand tourer, the 599 GTB.

To begin with, the Hamann treatment does not augment the engine, exhaust or suspension in any way, instead leaving the 600+ HP, V12 to do its job as Ferrari's engineers saw fit.

Hamann opted to focus their attention on the 599's bodywork, adding a chin spoiler, extending the side skirts and tacking on a new rear diffuser. Although down force is rarely a problem with Marnello motorcars, Hamann added a duo of wings: one gracing the edge of the bumper, while another sits atop the rear window.

Naturally, wheel choice is where the tuner excels and in the case of the 599, 21-inch wheels are fitted at all four corners, with 245 tires up front and 345s in the rear.

If you've got the coin, you could certainly do worse, but we think the 599 GTB speaks for itself quite well, right from the factory.

More pics after the jump.

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