NHTSA investigating Pontiac Grand Prix engine fires

Drivers of 1999-2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTPs might not want to park their GPs inside their garages after word that NHTSA is investigating those models for engine fires. Grand Prix GTPs are equipped with superchargers, which generate heat as well as HP. Could that be the main culprit? Perhaps, but there are plenty of other added components that differentiate the blown six from the normally aspirated one, too. We'll just have to see how the investigation pans out.

There have been 21 complaints and 16 engine fires since the models were introduced. The fires seem to start about 15 minutes after the car has been parked and turned off. Up to 72,000 vehicles could be affected. If your car becomes another statistic in this GTP flambé mystery, look on the bright side: you get to go car shopping really soon.

[Source: Detroit News]

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