MINI Ad Watch: Hammer & Coop

Thanks to Motoring File we have this "trailer" for a retro-styled actioner starring the new Mini Cooper as the automotive sidekick for a "man with no past" who looks suspiciously like Ben Stiller in the Starsky and Hutch remake. (At least the version of him in disguise at the charity ball with the sideburns and porn star mustache.)

Although it's reportedly appearing in multiplexes as a trailer for an upcoming movie, we're fairly certain (by "fairly" we mean 100%) that this is a clever ad campaign for the new MINI making its debut in the States a couple of weeks from now. Titled Hammer & Coop, there's even a website touting the new "flick."

Note that the typefaces used on the site are the same ones MINI uses for all their advertising/PR materials. Also, the "release date" is 2/17, which neatly coincides with the planned mid-February arrival of the cars at dealers. In all, it's a slick bit of marketing from the folks at MINI.

Follow the jump to watch the trailer in its entirety.

[Source: Motoring File]

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