The Bugatti Veyron costs $1,700,000. The Bugatti watch costs $200,000. It stands to reason, then, that the Bugatti perfume should cost nearly $5,000.

Some might scoff at the Volkswagen Group's capitalizing on the merchandizing of its super-mega, ultra-premium exotic marque, but while the Ferrari name and prancing horse logo can be found on any number of products at a wide range of prices (go ahead, try an eBay search), Bugatti's approach has been decidedly more reserved. In line with the car, of which only 300 are being made, and the timepiece, of which only 150 were made available, Bugatti is offering only 400 bottles of its limited edition perfume. The £2,395 Prestige Edition of the super-luxe scent comes in a crystal bottle encased in a 24-carat gold-plated sculpture, said to be inspired by the wing on the venerated Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. If £2,395 is too rich for your blood, Bugatti is offering an additional 4,000 bottles of the, ahem, "Multiple Edition", presented in a chrome-plated bottle and selling for £1,550. Both editions are presented in a leather-lined case. And Harrod's department store in London is the only place to get it.

[Source: Auto Express]

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