Autoblog Podcast #56

We start of episode #56 of the Autoblog Podcast discussing the Pontiac G8, of which Rick Wagoner had just pulled the cover off in a clip of ABC World News Tonight. While the thought of a rear-wheel drive Pontiac sedan is the hotness any way you cut it, not all of us were down with the face transplant the Holden Commodore received to become the G8. Next we took Toyota to task for its decision to price the Tundra above its domestic competitors, a bold move that could easily backfire. Speculation by Peter DeLorenzo that the next generation C7 Corvette may include a limited run of a mid-engine Corvette exotic-killa also got some air time. Finally, we just had to take AutoCar to task for its claim that Subaru is going to axe the WRX model from the Impreza lineup. Dropping the model that started the street-ready rally car craze in which Subaru's competiting with Mitsubishi seems like pure folly to us. Hope you enjoy the 'cast!
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