Subaru unveiling new Impreza in New York, WRX being dropped

Autocar is reporting that Subaru will volly a strike against Mitsubishi in early April when it debuts the all-new Impreza at the New York Auto Show. The body style will be a five-door hatchback with styling similar to that of the B5 TPH concept that first appeared last year in Tokyo. Power will reportedly come from your choice of a 1.5L or 2.0L flat-four boxer engine. Autocar's shocker is that the popular WRX model that slots between the everyday Imprezas and the high performance STi model will be cancelled, and that we won't see the new STi until 2008. Autocar doesn't cite its source for this information, and it seems highly unlikely to us considering that Mitsubishi is planning to make its Lancer Ralliart more powerful than previous generations in an effort to face the WRX head on. All will be revealed in the Big Apple come April, but for now we sit and wait.

[Source: Autocar]

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