The Subaru booth was apparently hopping yesterday at the Tokyo Motor Show where the Japanese automaker showed off a stable of concept and production vehicles, the most impressive of which is the B5-TPH. The idea of the concept is to not only mix elements of a wagon and SUV, but also combine a turbocharged gas engine with an electric motor. Dubbed a turbo parallel hybrid, the electric motor serves to nearly eliminate turbo lag by assisting the 2.0L Miller cycle engine at low revs. The concept also features the standard Subie Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system and some fancy technology called IVX-II that employs a pair of stereo cameras and a milliwave radar unit to scan and detect the vehicle's oncoming environment. One also has to wonder, is this the face of the next Impreza?

Follow the link for more pics and a full press release on the B5-TPH and other models Subaru has on display.

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