DOE figures it's time to understand the dangers of hydrogen

Last week, the Department of Energy started a program for first responders (fire fighters, EMS/ambulance teams, etc.) on hydrogen safety. The on-line course, "tutorial acquaints first responders with hydrogen, its basic properties, and how it compares to other familiar fuels; its use in fuel cells for transportation and stationary power; potential hazards; and initial protective actions responders should take if they witness are called to an incident." Never too early to start, I guess.

The Hydrogen Program at the DOE is offering the course, which was designed with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and the Volpentest Hazardous Materials Management and Emergency Response (HAMMER) Training and Education Center.

You might say the course helps you gain skills to use in an emergency; the DOE calls it "Increas[ing] Your H2IQ."
While there is no link to the course as today, the description does say that "other individuals" can take the course, so perhaps we'll be able to learn about the dangers of hydrogen ourselves (I think Section One might be: "How hydrogen raises hopes in otherwise sensible people").

[Source: EERE]

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