Starting Feb. 7th - Future Cars on Discovery Channel

I saw an interesting commercial the other day on Discovery Channel while I was watching Mythbusters. You do watch Mythbusters don't you? If not, check it out, it's one of my favorites. Anyway, I usually skip the commercials, but I left it alone this one time. Lucky for me, because I caught a glimpse of a new show coming up on Discovery starting the seventh of February called Future Cars. They have a website up now, check it out.

During the 30 seconds or so of commercial, I was able to pick out a few vehicles that have been featured here on our site, but none of them are on the show's website. All that is there on the site is a story about seven intern auto-designers who are trying to design what they think that cars will be like in 2030. An interesting concept, and you can view their designs on a micro-site and even vote on them. It appears that you will need to tune in to find out what powers the not-yet-vehicles, if they even discuss it, but it looks like it will be worth watching. We covered the initial press release when the show was announced last year. In that release, it was mentioned that the vehicles would be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. I assume that's still the case.

The show may be a part of their upcoming special highlighting the future in general. On another spot of their site, you can see some of what scientists say may be around in 2057.

What do you think about their design ideas? Are they anywhere close to the mark?


[Source: Discovery Channel]

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