Europeans getting revolutionary TiVo-like satellite radio

This particular nugget came from our sibling site Engadget, which reported on the "multimedia car radio of the future."

In conjunction with a few select partners, the European Space Agency (ESA) is developing an entertainment system that will feature "built-in satellite radio and generous timeshifting functionality" too. It comes via a special antenna that will likely become a factory-installed option on certain vehicles. It's described as a "flattened mobile antenna integrated into the bodywork," that will pick up "Ku" band signals already used by communications satellites.

Obviously, using existing satellites makes this much cheaper and more feasible. The best bit, however, and the part that makes this different than current US satellite radio services, is that the service will include timeshifting. You know, just like TiVo. The ability to listen at a later time. It is likely that the service will feature a "cache or hard drive-based system" so listeners can pause or rewind broadcasts. Not a lot of other details right now, but word has it you might spot a prototype system mounted in a BMW if you happen to be near the Noordwijk Space Expo in the Netherlands.

[Source: Orbitcast via Engadget]

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