Who watches the watchers? Speed cameras in Scotland may be monitored by CCTV cams

The hatred which speed cameras in Europe have engendered in the drivers they're watching has bubbled up and over to the point where vandalism is a common occurrence. In Scotland, for example, there have been seven camera attacks in three years. The attacks range from cameras simply being damaged so they're inoperable to setting the devices on fire. The same local governments who were smart enough to begin using speed cameras in the first place have a solution: more cameras! The Scottish authorities are considering installing closed-circuit TV cameras to watch certain speed cameras in locations that have attracted attacks in the past. Thus, you would have cameras watching cameras... brilliant! (That should read as being laced with sarcasm.)
If I'm in such a state of mind that taking a bat (cricket bat?) to a speed camera seems like a good idea, I'm probably just as likely to welcome the idea of taking out a CCTV camera, as well. Sure, it's a little more risky since the CCTV cameras are constantly recording and being monitored, but their field of view can't be more than 180 degrees, probably less. And if spy movies have taught us anything, it's that CCTVs are the easiest cameras to trick with a well placed picture or hacked video feed.

[Source: BBB.uk via Engadget]

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