Mitsubishi plans to make their own lithium-ion batteries and offer them to other carmakers

I read this quick little note while reading stories related to the Washington, D.C. auto show release of the new Ford Edge HySeries. It appears that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plans to mass-produce their own branded lithium-ion batteries for use in electric and hybrid vehicles by 2010. That year seems to be floating around for lots of new fuel-saving technologies, from GM, Ford, Nissan, Honda and now Mitsubishi. So, plan on news that Mitsubishi will release hybrids, electric cars or plug-ins soon.

Nissan also announced a while back that they are partnering with NEC to produce their own lithium-ion batteries for use in their own vehicles. With so many companies mass-producing lithium-ion, the price is sure to go down on these batteries.


[Source: CBC News]

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