Smith Electric Vehicles, Enova partner up for zero-emission van, truck

Smith Electric launches the Faraday in London, October 2005

Enova Systems, the Torrance, California company that we just featured for their work in Hawaii's EV scene, announced today that it has entered into a "significant production supply agreement" with Smith Electric Vehicles in the UK. For the last few months, Enova has been working with Smith (owned by The Tanfield Group Plc.) to develop a pair of high-performance electric drive systems, one intended for a zero-emission van and the other for a zero-emission truck.

The Smith Newton, the world's first zero emission 7.5t truck, will get Enova's 120kw system. Enova's 90kw electric drive system will go into the Smith Edison, the first all-electric 3.5t van. Enova says they'll ship at least 200 of these two drive trains to Tanfield this year, and will also supply the drive system for a 12-ton North American version of the Newton. While specifics are not up for the range of these heavy vehicles, Tanfield says that, "A typical Smith Electric vehicle can achieve ranges of over 100 miles between battery charges at speeds of 50 mph." Any fleets ready to sign up?

[Source: Enova]

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