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Lesson #4: Choose your WVO conversion mechanic carefully

Last August, AutoblogGreen feature writer Ray Holan wrote about his adventure in converting a BMW 3 series from the mid-'80s to run on VegOil. In his introduction, he posted four lessons he learned about the process, and lesson #4 (choose your mechanic carefully) is something that Blogging New Orleans writer Matt Robinson is probably reflecting on right now.

Robinson has written a short tale about trying to turn Gracie, his 1980 VW pick-up, into a WVO-machine. Unfortunately for him, the mechanic - who was also converting Robinson's friend's Mercedes - decided to attend an anarchist convention before finishing the job, and a lot of the work he had done (but not all, thankfully) was shoddy and required serious reworking. The Mercedes never ran again. And all this on top of the Saint's loss yesterday and all the rest New Orleans has been through. Sheeesh.

[Source: Blogging New Orleans]

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