Bullitt Mustang engine details emerge

You may remember last summer when we brought you news from Stangs Unleashed about 2008.5 Mustang Bullitt rumors. Well Stangs Unleashed says Ford has a date set for the Bullitt's unveiling (though won't tell us when). The site also divulges more detailed information about the car as well as a spy photo of the supposed Bullitt's 4.6L, DOHC 400HP engine. According to Stangs Unleashed's sources, the aluminum blocked motor will feature Ford GT-type cylinder heads and valve covers, and special exhaust and intake manifolds.

The site goes on to provide further details of the car that seem to indicate the Bullitt will be set up more for road racing than drag racing, which should make Steve McQueen happy. One more rumor Stangs Unleashed throws out concerns Carroll Shelby. Could Ford be planning to ship semi-finished Bullitts to Shelby for further road-racing mods? Stangs Unleashed stops short of saying definitely, but hints heavily at the possibility. The site is also careful to point out any of these details could change before an actual product (Bullitt or otherwise) is released.

[Source: Stangs Unleashed]

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