2007 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale: Hemi Superbird and Daytona Sold at $750,000

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Once upon a time, the "SC" in NASCAR actually stood for stock car and the machines that raced at Daytona and Talladega actually were based on production vehicles. In the late sixties Chrysler decided to follow the rules that limited body modifications and created a pair of machines that would get an unfair advantage on the high banks. Thus the Plymouth Superbird and Dodge Daytona Charger were born. The cars came from the factory with a long pointed nose and high mounted rear wing, so that they could run with the same configuration in NASCAR.

The aerodynamic modifications combined with the classic Chrysler Hemi made them almost unbeatable on the track. One example of each of these ultra-rare cars were paired up and offered at this year's Barrett-Jackson auction. The bronze colored 1969 Charger, is one of 22 built and the blue 1970 Superbird is one of 58. Both cars are equipped with 426 cu.in. Hemi V-8s and 4 speed gearboxes. The Dodge is recently restored and the Plymouth is still original. And as a sidenote, only 4 original Superbirds remain. Click the links to read the full history of each of these amazing cars. The pair sold for $750,000.

[Source: Frank Filipponio]

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