Toyota still showing off fuel-cell forklift

In late 2005, Toyota announced a fuel-cell forklift prototype that was to be displayed at major trade shows. The prototype reappeared at the ProMat show in Chicago earlier this month. The next big industrial show is the IMHX in England this March. Again, Toyota will be there with the FCHV-F, a forklift powered by a fuel cell that was developed with Toyota Motors and Toyota Industries. There doesn't some to be any difference in the vehicle or updates to the specifications. Press releases say Toyota is continuing its fuel-cell technology and will bring a fuel-cell lift truck to market in the next few years. One has to wonder about the viability of such a vehicle. The premium for fuel-cell technology might be cost-prohibitive for most operations. Perhaps it will be useful to companies with easy access to hydrogen. I'm curious to see Toyota's business case on this project.

[Source: Materials Handling World]

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