Safe two-wheel riding reminders from Motorcyclist Online

It's snowing outside as I write this, but not all of our readership has to put up with the freezing temperatures and snowy and icy conditions that make up my winter-wonderland. So, as a reminder to any out there who choose to save on gas and emissions by riding a bike, scooter or motorcycle, Motorcyclist Online has 50 reminders to help keep you safe while riding.

Also, if you have never done it, it is a good idea to consider taking one of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation classes, or another safety class that is offered where you purchased your bike. Even if you have been riding for years, the chance of impending danger is around every corner, or should I say, behind every steering wheel. So, take it easy out there, I'll be thinking of you as I'm shivering behind the wheel of my car on the drive back home.

[Source: Motorcyclist Online]

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