HyperBike may try for speed record at Bonneville

A couple weeks ago I found a story on the HyperBike, a prototype exercise machine/human transporter developed by D.C. DeForest that has wheels bigger than a monster truck. I had no idea how it worked from the photo. Now DeForest informs me that his Web site is up and there is more information available, including a video showing the bike in action. He also said the bike will be going to Bonneville Speed Week for a try at the human-powered-vehicle (HPV) record. The HyperBike eliminates that pesky, sperm-killing seat found on regular bicycles. DeForest designed the HyperBike so that the rider is "swimming vertically," and claims it can go up to 40 mph under human power. He's still looking for financial backing and is gearing up to build a second-generation prototype.

[Source: bodyriteltd.com]

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