The inventor of this wild-looking mode of transportation says it could also be used to generate electricity. Curtis De Forest even has thoughts of an exercise program to store electricity using his HyperBike and eventually "transfer it to your Tesla electric car."

I need to see this unit in action before making any judgments or comments. Its size seems to be very impractical. It must take up 6 spots at the bike rack. Can you see this vehicle on a sidewalk? And it would certainly be a distraction on the open road. But then again, so is a Sparrow electric car. De Forest says his HyperBike can withstand 200mph impact, so it's probably safer than a Sparrow.

The link to the company's website didn't work, but I hope there's a video posted soon. NASA is reportedly interested, and De Forest has access to engineering minds. I just can't figure out how it works. It seems like there is so much mass to get moving that one would be dog tired after five minutes. And what happens if you get stuck on a hill? De Forest admits it doesn't turn very well. For now, I'll keep my roller blades.

[Source: J.Z. Holden /]

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