Popular Mechanics introduces a new long-term project: Jay Leno's Green Garage

Jay Leno must have caught on to something when he decided to make his Eco-Jet biodiesel jet-turbine powered supercar with help from GM, the company that has been increasingly going green itself. According to Popular Mechanics, he is starting a project that will be chronicled on the PM website.

According to the first update, the project will start with the Omegasonics Ultrasonic cleaning system, then on to Jay's Bio-Circle parts washer from Walter Surface Technologies, which uses little tiny critters (microorganisms if you must) to clean waste.

This makes me want to go right home and start cleaning up my garage too. Fortunately for me, my garage is the diametric opposite of Jays: small and holding no cars at all. I think I may have an easier time with it, but don't imagine that anyone would want to watch.


[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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