Living with Ed checks out SEMA, Jay Leno's green rides on Sunday

Ed Begley, Jr.'s new green reality show, Living With Ed, premiered on HGTV on the first of the year. While I'm sure most of our readers would be interested in a lot of the environmental issues Mr. Boba Fett (yes, he played Boba Fett on the radio back in the day) bounty hunts on his show each week, it's this weekend's episode that should hold particular appeal to green car enthusiasts.
Remember how Ed was at SEMA last fall? AutoblogGreen spoke with him briefly there and apparently he was filming part of his show at the expo (hey, maybe we're in the background somewhere). After talking about EVs and high-tech batteries (Ed was promoting Altairnano and Phoenix SUVs at SEMA), Ed goes to visit Jay Leno and they talk about alternative energy cars, including the eco-jet car that is currently on display at the NAIAS.

All in all, this show should wrap up a few varying threads we've had here on AutoblogGreen into one 30-minute bit. If you've got cable, the show'll be in HGTV Sunday (the 14th) at 10 p.m. If you don't, keep your eye out for something on YouTube early next week. I think you're able to watch episodes on the HGTV site, but it is loading incredibly slow for me and I don't have the patience to find out.

[Source: Sarah Hofstetter for HGTV]

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