Jay Leno straddles a biodiesel crotch rocket

There's so very little information about what's going on in this picture here, details of who's bike and where. Pretty much all that the poster Martin tells us is, "Hey mom, check me out with Jay Leno..." We can also figure out it's Leno and crew with a biodiesel motorcycle. There's an accompanying video, but it's 40 seconds of Jay revving up the bike, spewing some white smoke, and then 3 seconds of him driving down the driveway. It looks like Leno visited Imperium Renewables up in Seattle (maybe) earlier this month, and that's where the images are from. Jay's not new to biodiesel, he wrote a pro-biodiesel article in Popular Mechanics last year. What I want to know more about it that biobike.

[Source: Martin and Alex]

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