Buy a Volvo, drive the Nurburgring

So your spouse wants a station wagon, but you want to keep your dignity? Well, there could be an agreeable compromise. For only $3,500 over the cost of a new V70, the two of you could be flying to Sweden to pick up the new estate from the factory at a VIP delivery complete with Swedish meatballs. "So," you ask, "How are meatballs, no matter how tasty, supposed to keep my sports car driving dignity intact?"

Imagine that fragile ego of yours driving the family's brand new kid-carrier down the Autobahn at a speed greater than what you'll ever reach picking Junior up at school. Still not impressed? Tough crowd. Ok, what if your blast down the Autobahn was on your way to Nurburgring, where you'll lunch in the Fahrsicherheitszentrum before driving classes? Once you've had your way with the famous track, you're free to either have your Volvo shipped back to the States and continue your vacation, or keep the car to travel Germany in style. Five nights in "premium hotels" in Germany are included in the $3,500 price.

Luxury hotels? High speeds on international roads and raceways? Meatballs? If you're the least bit interested, you should hurry down to your local Volvo dealer. There are only 20 spots open and there's a good chance you're already too late.

[Source: Volvo]

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