Automakers to depend on marketing more to compete

This story over at BrandWeek basically says that while quality among all makes is closer to equal now more than ever, some companies' sales have not improved to reflect that. Several (Hyundai was one named) blame marketing approaches for disappointing sales and hope to use new approaches to attract more buyers. Hyundai COO Steve Wilhite came down pretty hard on his own company:
"We haven't done well at all in creating any kind of perception around this brand," he said. "We have the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world and we aren't telling the story. It's not [primary agency] Richards Group's fault; it's our fault. They need a client that provides good guidance."

GM hopes to get a marketing advantage with new online campaigns, while Audi looks to revamp its dealerships. And though Lexus sales were up last year, it sees the growing Hispanic community as a good place to find even better year-end numbers.

It's an interesting look at how the world's automakers plan to use their marketing departments to distinguish themselves in a world where most cars are at the basic level, not all that different.

[Source: BrandWeek]

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