Bentley: Driving in a Winter Wonderland

A 550-horsepower Bentley? A winter vacation in Finland? Sounds like the perfect combination, and the boys at Bentley have got it hooked up with the Bentley Ice Driving Experience.

Plenty of upscale marques offer advanced driving courses to show you how to get the most out of your shiny new toy, but Bentley's program blows snow right in their faces. Professional instructors put participants behind the wheel of an all-wheel-drive Continental GT coupe and "take you and the car to the limit and safely back again" on frozen lakes. They'll also throw in some snowmobiling in the snow-blanketed Finnish countryside. After an experience like that, we'd bet black ice and unplowed highways will seem like child's play Check out the details at

[Source: 4DriversOnly via German Car Blog]

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