Ford doesn't think "Ford Individuals" want environmental options

Ford will start a customization program this month, called "Ford Individual," that allows new car buyers to personalize their vehicles in one of three new ways (on top of the standard trim levels). The three additional options, available later this month as a pilot program in Germany and Switzerland, include: sporty, luxury and hitec.

The sporty line spruces up performance cars with things like alloy wheels and spoilers; the luxury line adds more leather and wood to the interior; and the hitec line is all about electronics – high-end audio systems and car-mounted cameras.

So, what's missing? A green line option (well, you wouldn't call it that, obviously), something that speaks to the environmentalist in everyone. For example, if you're only focused on the interior, then perhaps soy- or hemp-base seats, or a MPG gauge in the dash. And even though ethanol has its own set of problems, why not offer an E85-capable option, especially when/if Ford Individual comes to America? The real irony to me is that, as you can see in the picture above, is that Ford's images announcing this program include a person doing some land sailing, a totally emission-free mode of transportation (click on the picture above to see a high-res version. You can almost make out the rider's face).

Ford has lots of possibilities here and it's during this pilot period that we should be suggesting better options. If you were shopping for a new Ford, what options would you like to see?

[Source: Ford]

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