Detroit Auto Show: Does the Toyota FT-HS look better than the Lexus concepts?

Toyota's FT-HS hybrid "21st Century sports car" didn't make quite the splash on AutoblogGreen the way the Chevy Volt or the Ford Airstream did. But we, of course covered is as did the UK media crew from Newspress. They just put together a little write-up on three upcoming Toyota and Lexus vehicles on display at the NAIAS, the Toyota FT-HS, the Lexus IS-F and an updated Lexus LF-A, along with three high-res pictures. Only the FT-HS has any green cred, but these three images give us a chance to compare the design effort that went into the green and the luxury models. Which one strikes you as the best?

It sure would be nice to see the words of Kevin Hunter, vice president of Toyota's Los Angeles-based CALTY Design center, which designed the FT-HS, actually applied to all concepts Toyota brings to future auto shows. "In addition to driving enjoyment, today's drivers are concerned about safety, ecology and social responsibility," he said. For a lot more high-res pictures of the FT-HS, click here.

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[Source: Newspress]

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