Is the Volt a warning shot to the rest of the car world that GM's got the fast track to new batteries?

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Media organizations with a broad collection of stories (like a daily newspaper or the nightly news) often mention briefly what those of us who blog incessantly about a particular topic really dig into. Take, as a perfect example, this story in the Christian Science Monitor, which puts the Chevy Volt, new battery technologies and GM's upcoming hurdles into a 650-word perspective. Most of the text is nothing new if you've been checking out AutoblogGreen this past week, putting it all together lets the CSM frame GM's announcement as the first event in an upcoming race to the finish: whoever gets working, next-generation batteries - batteries "that can power a car for 40 miles, discharge most of its power, and be recharged thousands of times without major deterioration. The technology should be reliable enough to carry warranties of 150,000 miles and 10 years" - into cars first will be the first true winner of the 21st century car wars.

[Source: Christian Science Monitor]

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