Motorboards: Craziest MINI promotion yet.

BMW's MINI brand has never had a big advertising budget, but everyone would agree it's ad agency knows how to stretch a dollar. The latest promotion from MINI is a program called Motorby that takes interactivity at 60 mph to new heights. According to, a large MINI enthusiast/news site, select MINI owners were recently email an invitation to join the Motorby campaign, whereby they give MINI some scraps of info about themselves and are then sent a special key fob in the mail. Special billboards called Motorboards have been set up in cities like Chicago, New York, Miami and San Francisco, and when one of these MINI owners drives by the billboard will light up with a personal message like "Looking good today, Scooter," and "David, your hair looks great today". It's a very creative campaign, and if successful (and no one causes an accident by trying to read their message at speed), the brand may roll out the program to all MINI owners.

We have to assume that MINI has people on the back end screening the info that each owner provides, but we'd give our right foot for a pic of a Motorboard that says, "Did you read today, Joe?" Come on, there has to be a few people at MINI who would let that slide, right?

[Source: Motoring File]

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