AutoWeek editors don't think the Volt was the Best Concept vehicle at NAIAS

What do you think is the best concept vehicle at the NAIAS this week? Undoubtedly, based on reader comments, the Chevy Volt made the biggest impression on AutoblogGreen readers, but the editors of AutoWeek don't think it was the best. They gave their "Editors' Choice" award for Best Concept not to the Volt, but to the Ford Interceptor. Unverschämtheit, as they say in Germany. I'm not saying the Volt is the best possible car ever, but c'mon. The Volt did win AutoWeek's award for Most Significant, that award doesn't describe what the Volt was. It was the best concept, hands down.
Here's what AutoWeek editor and associate publisher Dutch Mandel said about the Interceptor: "No matter what you call it, this Ford sports sedan based on a stretched Mustang chassis is one hot concept. We can only hope Ford takes the next step to put this pony car for the family man into production as soon as possible."

As for the Volt, Bob Gritzinger, AutoWeek Senior Editor-News, said, "The idea behind the car -- a pure electric powertrain that gets its energy from plugging in at home or work, or from an on-board generator powered by a small gasoline engine -- is surprisingly simple. GM says they'll be ready to build this car by 2010 or 2012, and unless battery companies can't come through, Volt and GM's E-flex System could spell the beginning of the end of America's addiction to foreign oil."

Maybe it'll also signal the end of AutoWeek being so enamored with muscle they don't care what comes out the tailpipe.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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