Buick really scored a hole in one when they signed Tiger Woods to be the company spokesperson. Although not exactly the demographic, Buick's historical ties with the PGA make it a great marketing move.

This video starts with Tiger looking for his "lost" wedge. As each group on the tee finds it, he asks if they want to bet on who can hit the ball closest to the hole... for a Buick Rainier. As the foursomes play through, Tiger eventually gives away four of the Buick SUV's to the stunned golfers that beat him.

Buick couldn't have made a better deal than to have Tiger sell their cars. especially with all of the news, both good and bad, recently surrounding him. He continues to win, got married, lost his father and will now become one himself this summer. As Buick works hard to lower the average age of their buyer from the late baby-boomers they currently attract, furthering this relationship should be their ace in the hole.

[Source: YouTube via GM Inside News]

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