New Fiat 500 small in size, price, not so much

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the new Fiat 500 is high on the list of Euro Cars We Desperately Want But Can't Get Here (ECWDWBCGH). There's actually a glimmer of hope that it might come Stateside with Alfa returning to these shores, but we aren't holding our breath just yet. Anyway, as the car nears production, the inevitable questions are starting to be asked, and in some cases, answered as well. Fiat seems to recognize the cult car status of this vehicle and is willing to price it a little higher than the competition.

Just like the premium price BMW is getting for the Mini, Fiat appears ready to ask for a bit of a retro surcharge. Automotive News is reporting that the Cinquecento will start at about €10,000 ($13,020). That's quite a jump from the 500's platform-mate Panda, which rings in at €8,600 ($11,200). And another Mini-like nod is that Fiat will offer tons of options to customize your car to your own personal tastes. We'll take a white and red Abarth, thankyouverymuch. Fiat plans to start selling the 500 in September and hopes to move 120,000 of them a year. At least that's the production goal from the Polish plant where Fiat will be building these alongside the new Ford Ka that shares its platform, engine, and suspension.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req]

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