Speculative look at high-po version of Fiat 500

OMG, we want this car so bad it hurts. Although the new Fiat 500 hasn't even been built yet, this Abarth concept is really getting us excited about the possibilities. Using a little dramatic license, InfoMotori resident stylist Andrea Rosati has sketched a Fiat Nuovo 500 Abarth that could represent a future sport version of Fiat's little retro raceabout.

Purely speculative, this design concept could use a tweaked version of the rumored Fiat turbo 900cc twin to boost horsepower well above 100. Andrea took a few sketches of the real deal and added the white paint with red striping and logos of the classic Abarths. He also fitted the cinquecento with a more aggressive front fascia, vents at the trailing edge of the front fenders, and chunky alloys to give it the proper stance. We'd say it's just about perfect. The one complaint is that we in the U.S. may never get these, at least not officially.

Click over to InfoMotori for slightly larger versions of the images we have after the jump.

And in case you haven't checked it out yet, make sure you visit the official Fiat 500 website too. It's a whole lot of fun in the same vein as the Mini and new C30 websites are.

[Source: InfoMotori]

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