More details on Honda's upcoming Hybrid plans - A new Insight perhaps?

Newsweek is reporting that Honda is planning to re-enter the "hybrid-only" market that it left when it stopped making the Honda Insight. Currently, the only hybrid-only model sold in the U.S. is the Toyota Prius. All of the other hybrid cars sold in America are models that are based on existing platforms; hybrid versions of models already in the automakers stable of vehicles.

The new model is to be introduced by 2010, according to Honda. They are looking to build a larger sized model than the Insight to battle head-to-head with the Prius. The model is not expected to offer plug-in capability. Indications are that the vehicle will be sized similar to the Honda Fit, but offer room inside similar to a mid-size vehicle. They hope to remind people by then that they were an early adopter of hybrids when they introduced the Insight to America.

Honda hopes to sell as many as 100,000 of the new model annually, which would almost match how many Priuses (what is plural for Prius? Pri, Prii, Price (like dice), Preese (like geese) -- OK, back on topic) were sold this year.

"We're going to take a dedicated hybrid platform and give it great functionality, great style and make a no-compromises high-fuel-economy car," according to John Mendel, Honda senior vice president for product development. "It will have the highest fuel economy you can get for a hybrid in that (size) of car."

Which will come first, the FCX, as shown in the picture above, or the new Honda hybrid?

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